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Froxvent Technologies is the most trusted provider of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning products in design, manufacturing, sales and service. Our goal is to reduce air pollution and create better indoor air quality through our products and service.

We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals who design products provide perfect solutions based on customer-specific requirements. A hardworking and dedicated team that delivers products and services with quality, on time and cost effectively.

We have facilitated for the assembly of Air Handlers at our plant in Uthiramerur, Kancheepuram District – Tamilnadu, which is easily accessible via NH32 from Chennai to Trichy and NH48 from Chennai to Bangalore.

Froxvent Technologies provides perfect solutions to the specific requirements of the customers through innovative technologies with reference to international standards, methods and procedures. We design and manufacture air handling units with excellent workmanship and customized options suitable for durable conditions, convenient maintenance and service, safe operation, energy saving and price optimization.

We also provide energy reduction solutions, intelligent controls, BMS integration, UVGI integration, ventilation integration and energy recovery



We are engaged in the sale, development and manufacture of products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning to improve indoor air quality and maintain certain temperatures through our innovative technologies.


Improving indoor air quality and passing on the wonderful environment to the next generation through our innovative technologies.


Due to climate change and air pollution around the world, indoor air quality is getting worse by the day. We have seriously addressed the issue to maintain good indoor air quality and leave a good environment for the next generation.

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